Monday, March 3, 2014

Literacy Place - BOOK CLUBS

Realistic Fiction! We are reading the titles; A friend for Mr. Granville, Chocolate River Rescue, Jackson Jones and Mission Greentop, and The Right Whale.
The Grade 4 class is getting started on their 2nd Literacy Place Book Club this year! Our newest book club focuses on the theme, "Kids Can Do It!"
What is a book club?
A book club involves small groups of students who are involved in meaningful reading experiences that focus on deepening comprehension while providing more student control of the reading process than Guided Reading.
What do students do in book clubs?

All students read texts (fiction and non-fiction) at their Independent Reading Levels, respond to their reading, and then use their responses in discussions at Book Club meetings or with other students who are reading the same text.

Students will:
  • READ - students read a section of their text
  • RESPOND-students reflect on the text and write or draw their ideas.
  • TALK- students meet with other students who are reading the same text, and talk about their thoughts and ideas. They use their reader responses as a springboard for discussion.
  • FINAL PROJECT - This is where the students "show off" their understanding and knowledge of their text. They use information gathered from the text, from group mates, and from other sources, toward a final project or reader response. Examples include; vocabulary knowledge, book report, reading and analyzing non-fiction, artistic/dramatic, or a combination of two or more of these. This final project is a conclusion to the book club.

    Take a look at our very first Book Club, EARTH RESCUE. The text selections all focused on saving our planet earth and life practices to maintain the health of our environments!

Monday, February 25, 2013


Feb. 20-27


The Grade 4 class is committed to stand against bullying and stand up for their peers! February 20-27 is STAND AGAINST BULLYING WEEK. To support kids in our school, Hamiota Elementary, and to show support for all kids across Canada who have been bullied, we are wearing our "stand" on our hands. We are taking a stand against BULLYING!

We are going to use our "hearts" and take a stand in Grade 4!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Events ahead for Valentine Week....

Thursday,February 14th

        • Valentine Party in afternoon! Bring Valentines to school and remember, home-made Valentines are just as special! We will have a little party, hand out Valentines and have a little   snack.

Friday,February 15th
  • Wear your PJ's to school!
  • Buddy reading in gym in morning!
  • Valentine Party at the skating oval(12:45-2:00) - bring a helmet and skates and dress warm! - Parents needed to tie skates!

Don't forget Unit #20 Spelling test is FRIDAY too! Check out list words below.

              green words                                                                                            yellow words

Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine's Day Week

Sharing the Love in Grade 4.....  The Grade 4 students created these beautiful tributes to their special what other than.....a HEART! Moms, dads, friends and grandmas were just a few of the heart-felt objects of our affections.